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MID2223 Submission:Check List & Detail

1-Sketch Book (A3 paper with black board and plastic as cover mount together with ring or comb binding)

-‘The Big Idea’-a 1 page, typewritten text expressing the context and reason of your design proposal to help us understand your motivation behind this project. This should be on the first page in your sketchbook(as introduction )
-Market research (existing artifacts, competitors, pricing, trend etc.)Market positioning and segmentation
-User profile and scenario
-narration of all scenarios (pre/post)
-Moodboard ideation/selection to express you intended trend style and user emotion.
-Product design specification
-Sketches with perspective views and marker rendering, ideation, colour, brainstorming, etc
-Sketch analysis
-Rapid modeling process(picture the making of-step by step)

2-Boards(A3 paper mount on A2 mounting board)

-1pre narration
-1post narration
-1 board of ideation (combination of several sketches)
-1 board of concept
-1 board of marker rendering
-2 boards of 3d rendering for visualization/superimpose(Tangible) or Screen Capture(Non Tangible)
-1 board Engineering /control drawing of final concepts(autocad)(Tangible)/Task Analysis for On Screen Interface(Non Tangible)
-1 Sales Pitch Board

3-Presentation/Simulation video
-min 30 sec,max 60 sec(excluding credit)
-accepted file formats inlcude: .mpg4, .flv, .avi, .wmv, .swf, .flv, .mov
-size video min 480pixels, max 720pixcels

4-Prototype/Mock up
-material choice of paper clay/green foam/rapid prototyping machine output
-minimum scale “1:20”
-minimum size of box 10″x10″x3″heigh


-All items to be submitted must be digitized onto CD/DVD mediums

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