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MID1313 : Portfolio Exam

Date: 10 September 2013
Day: Tuesday
Time: 9.30am onward
Venue: ID Studio 1007
Attire: Formal

PORTFOLIO EXAMINATION overrules all assignment contributions. The Portfolio Examination is compulsory and is mandatory for all students to comply. If students do not attend the Portfolio Examination, it means the student will Fail this subject regardless of weekly submissions or any other submissions throughout the Semester.
Portfolio Examination is the main examination where students will bring in their work in a folio together with any works mounted on A2 boards that was produced throughout the Semester. All students will be required to dress smartly and to conduct a professional presentation of their works in front of the Board of Examiners on their Semester’s work. This Examination will review and exhibit every individual student work.
Portfolio Exam is conducted in a professional and timely manner, and is useful for students to practice their presentation skills and to take full responsibility of their own work.

-Come early
-You are given only 15 minutes for preparation,present and Q&A
-Once enter,submit all your hardcopy(clear folder,boards and cd) and prepare your presentation on the computer.
-Start with introducing yourself
-Then explain what you learn in the class,what skill that you pick up,what obstacle that you face and how you overcome while showing your work through out semester.
-Brief your last assignment and explain the process.
-Pick 3 your work and explain why.
-Done and wait for question.

Good luck


1-09.30am 1122700273 AMY BOK LI VEN
2-09.45am 1122700733 ARVINDKUMAR A/L SELVAKUMAR
3-10.00am 1112702559 ATIYA LOHWITHEE
4-10.15am 1122701125 CHARLES ANG CHEONG YAN
5-10.30am 1122702003 CHAW JIUNN JYE
6-10.45am 1112702289 CHONG WAI YUAN
7-11.00am 1122701885 CHOW WOEI CHEN
8-11.15am 1122701593 FOONG SEE MIN
9-11.30am 1122701881 HAW XUE NI
10-11.45am 1122700036 KHIDWADEE A/L AI CHENG
11-12.00pm 1122700275 KHOR VIVIAN
12-12.15pm 1122702117 LIAU MEI WUI
13-12.30pm 1081108014 MOHAMMAD MEHRDADFAR
15-01.00pm 1122701128 NG WIN NEE
16-01.15pm 1112703437 NOR AISHAH BINTI BAHARIN
17-01.30pm 1112703436 NUR AMIRAH BINTI MOHD AZIZI
18-01.45pm 1112703486 NUR FADZLINA BINTI MOHD FUAD
19-02.00pm 1122700528 NUR FAIZAH BINTI HAMDAN
20-02.15pm 1122701122 PUA HUI LIN
21-02.30pm 1102703582 RENUKA A/P GANAGARAJAN
22-02.45pm 1112701578 SHERILYN SOO GUI RONG
23-03.00pm 1122701123 SIAH JING LING
24-03.15pm 1122702004 SIOW SIEN YIE
25-03.30pm 1122701127 YAP SHUK SHIN

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