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MID1313 Assignment 9: Concept Wristwatch

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You are required to re-design the wristwatch

1-Choose an existing wristwatch from various maker and model(Seiko,QnQ,Swatch,Fossil etc)
-study the model,background company,technology,features etc
-produce 1 A3 page of information for the selected model.
-produce 1 A3 page of selected model sketches.

2-Fill up the metaphor work sheet
-choose your target user(boy/girl/teen/young adult male/old lady etc)
-choose your mood base on your target user(happy/serious/calm/depress )
-choose your metaphor base on your target user and mood

3-Do a metaphor study
-2 pages of metaphor information
-2 pages of metaphor drawing

3-produce 3 ideas of mobile phone
-each idea must have at least 3 page of sketching(simplification,stylization,final)

4-choose which one is the best and produce a complete marker rendering
-paste the complete rendering on a black mounting board

Submit during Portfolio Exam in Week 14

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MID1313: In class exercise

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Reproduce this sketches

Credit to: Carl Liu

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