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MID2213 – MID2223 – MID2093

MID2213-Interface Design 3

Crit Session
Date: 19 Nov 2012
Day: Monday
Time: 2.00pm onwards
Venue:Id Studio 1007


  • Big IDea
  • Market Research
  • Positioning
  • Market Segmentation
  • User Profile
  • Narration
  • Moodboard
  • PDS
  • Metaphor

Presentation List

  1. 2.00pm 1102702580 ABDUL HADI BIN ABDUL HARIS
  2. 2.20pm 1081108445 AHMAD ASYRAF BIN MOHD SHAIBI
  3. 2.40pm 1091102896 AMIRALI SADEGHITABAR
  4. 3.00pm 1102702291 AMIRRUL BIN HAMZAH FANZURI
  5. 3.20pm 1102703079 AZAH AZURA BINTI ABAS MAZNI
  6. 3.40pm 1081108513 HENDRY CHANDRAWAN
  7. 4.00pm 1102702965 MOHD DANIAL ADHA BIN JAMAL
  9. 4.40pm 1102703053 NADHIRAH BINTI NAZARUDIN
  10. 5.00pm 1102703086 PRADEEP SINGH A/L DHEER SINGH
  11. 5.20pm 1092700844 SELLA SAPHIRA SATI
  12. 5.40pm 1071113141 NTALE RUGIRA BAHANA

MID2223-Interface Design 4

There are few students haven’t inform me about the chosen metaphor.
Do inform me as soon as possible.
Once we confirm the metaphor,you need to do the metaphor study and start producing few ideations.
At least 3 idea for this coming class(Wednesday 10.00am).

MID2093- Rapid Modelling

Replacement class
Monday-9.00am-Topic: Paper Clay
Wednesday-2.00pm- Topic: Green Foam

Good luck and enjoy your holiday đŸ™‚

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