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MID1313 -Submission Format

Portfolio Exam is where you showcase your work throughout the semester in one short presentation. You will give 20 minutes each to explain what have you gain throughout semester, what skill you pickup, explaining the process and showing the series of your work. You are required to bring your hardcopy work as well as softcopies (set of jpeg file/ppt file).

In order to compose your softcopy, you need to scan your work. A3 scanner has been allocated in ID studio so that everybody can scan and compile their work. Please remember that each of you piece of work need to be scan and compile. It may be your exercise in-class, homework, assignment or your own artwork (related to subject).

During presentation, be on time and dress appropriately. Good luck.


In side CD/DVD
Put your jpeg file according to week. Please rename the week accordingly.

Week 3-1/2 Point Perspective
Week 4-3 point Perspective
Week 5- Sketches
Week 6- Colour
Week 7 – Marker Rendering 1
Week 8- Marker Rendering 2-Vehicle
Week 9 – Marker Rendering 3- Tangible Interface
Week 10- Metaphor 1 -Robot
Week 11-Metaphor 2–Mobile Phone
Week 12-Metaphor 3- Kiosk

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