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MID2213-Crit Session NO.2

Crit Session No.2
Date: 25/7/2011
Venue: ID studio 1007

You are required to bring all 12 ideations,complete with tittle,description, and marker.

You also need to prepare and present you which one of these idea will be your final design.

Other issue,topic or any uncompleted work will not be tolerate and will not be entertain.

Late comer also will not be entertain.


1-10.00am 1081120729 MONA BEHJATI
3-10.30am 1091101409 NG PEI YEE
4-10.45am 1091102365 NICHOLAS LEE WEI LOONG
5-11.00am 1091103117 NICOLE TAN EE SIAN
6-11.15am 1061102872 NISHA BINTI MOHD SAMSURI
7-11.30am 1101106630 NURUL SURAYA BINTI MD ALI
8-11.45am 1091100335 PANG CHEOK HENG

—- break —–

9-02.00pm 1092700151 SITI AISHAH BINTI RAZALI
10-02.15pm 1091102261 YAP LAY HONG
11-02.30pm 1081107406 ZAHRA SHAHAMAT NIA
12-02.45pm 1091102663 AHMED IZZAT BIN JAMIL
13-03.00pm 1071120128 ALI BEHESHTI
14-03.15pm 1092700500 ARSHAD ZHAFRAN BIN MOHD AZMI
15-03.30pm 1091103552 FATIMAH BINTI DARWIS
16-03.45pm 1081108522 HAN RUI
17-04.00pm 1081108019 HANA HAMSAYEGAN
18-04.15pm 1081107717 HANIEH BIJANDI
19-04.30pm 1091101155 IZHAM ADLY BIN MOHD SOFI
20-04.45pm 1091103638 LIEW ZI YING
21-05.00pm 1091101852 LOW ZHI YI
22-05.15pm 1081104521 MOHAMMAD FAIZ BIN HAFIZIN

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