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You are to apply the knowledge and skills learn in this class. This project is to emphasize on the quality of line, perspective trajectory and cleanliness of work.

1. Get a dslr picture,from your own or from internet.

2. Produce the 3 point perspective of the DSLR

3. Make sure the vanishing point is out of the paper.

4. You must use a drawing pen, use different kind of tip to show the volume of line.

5. Paste the drawing nicely on board using a spray mount.

6. At the back of board, paste :
Id :
Subject: Interface Design 1
Subject Code : MID 1313
Assignment: 3 Point Perspective
Date Submit: 29 June 2011

7.Submit at 10.00a.m.,29 June 2011


Today exercise

credit: yankodesign.com

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