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MID2213-Crit Session NO.1

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Crit Session No.1
Date: 27/6/2011
Venue: ID studio 1007

1-10.00am 1091102663 AHMED IZZAT BIN JAMIL
2-10.15am 1071120128 ALI BEHESHTI
3-10.30am 1092700500 ARSHAD ZHAFRAN BIN MOHD AZMI
4-10.45am 1091103552 FATIMAH BINTI DARWIS
5-11.00am 1081108522 HAN RUI
6-11.15am 1081108019 HANA HAMSAYEGAN
7-11.30am 1081107717 HANIEH BIJANDI
8-11.45am 1091101155 IZHAM ADLY BIN MOHD SOFI
9-12.00pm 1091103638 LIEW ZI YING
10-12.15pm 1091101852 LOW ZHI YI
11-12.30pm 1081104521 MOHAMMAD FAIZ BIN HAFIZIN
12-12.45pm 1081120729 MONA BEHJATI
13-01.00pm 1091103023 NAOMI YAP BINTI MUHAMMAD ISA YAP
14-01.15pm 1091101409 NG PEI YEE
15-01.30pm 1091102365 NICHOLAS LEE WEI LOONG
16-01.45pm 1091103117 NICOLE TAN EE SIAN
17-02.00pm 1061102872 NISHA BINTI MOHD SAMSURI
18-02.15pm 1101106630 NURUL SURAYA BINTI MD ALI
19-02.30pm 1091100335 PANG CHEOK HENG
20-02.45pm 1092700151 SITI AISHAH BINTI RAZALI
21-03.00pm 1091102261 YAP LAY HONG
22-03.15pm 1081107406 ZAHRA SHAHAMAT NIA

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June 22, 2011 Leave a comment

You are to apply the knowledge and skills learn in this class. This project is to emphasize on the quality of line, perspective trajectory and cleanliness of work.

1. Get a dslr picture,from your own or from internet.

2. Produce the 3 point perspective of the DSLR

3. Make sure the vanishing point is out of the paper.

4. You must use a drawing pen, use different kind of tip to show the volume of line.

5. Paste the drawing nicely on board using a spray mount.

6. At the back of board, paste :
Id :
Subject: Interface Design 1
Subject Code : MID 1313
Assignment: 3 Point Perspective
Date Submit: 29 June 2011

7.Submit at 10.00a.m.,29 June 2011


Today exercise


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MID2213-Major Assignment

June 20, 2011 88 comments

You are to identify any ONE device (physical) of your choice.

This device can be an improved/upgraded version of an existing device OR it can be a new innovation.
Give your device a name and describe its intended usage, functions and features in the PDS.

You are required to submit the following details for your selected device:

i.Market research – competitor devices, demography, pricing, etc.
ii.User persona – 2 sets of user profile information with scenarios
iii.Narration – 2 sets of pre-narration (according to scenarios)
iiiv.P.D.S. – complete draft PDS write-up on device.

Please post your intended device in comments section.

I will update the presentation list later.

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June 15, 2011 3 comments

Assignment 1: 1 Point /2 Point Perspective drawing

This project is to emphasize on the quality of line, perspective trajectory and cleanliness of work.

1. Choose;
1 indoor area (for 1 point perspective)
1 outdoor area (for 2 point perspective)
and produce a perspective drawing accordingly

2. Take a picture and print it in A4 size (colour or black and white)

3. The drawings have to cover almost entire A3 paper.

4. Black pen in drawing line usage is a must. Only construction line can be made by pencils.

5. Paste the drawing on A2 size of mounting board.

6. Clip the original pictures on top of the board.

7. At the back of board, paste :
Id :
Subject: Interface Design 1
Subject Code : MID 1313
Assignment: 1 Point Perspective (Interior/exterior)
Date Submit: 22 June 2011,10.00am

8. Submission : Wednesday,23rd June 2011,10.00am

here are the samples

indoor sample:

ourdoor sample:

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MID2213-Week 2

June 13, 2011 Leave a comment

1.Homework reference;

2.Assignment Submission “Pre & Post Narration”
-20 June 2011
-ID Studio 1007

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June 6, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to new trimester.

We will start our lecture next week.Make sure you attend all the lecture series as there will be no repetition and on-line notes.

As for this week homework,you required to produce a series of volume sketches(using pen and marker) base on the link given.Each link contain several images;choose,compile and re-arrange nicely so that you can produce an A3 sketches for the respective link.

Submit next week during class,9.00am,13 June 2011.

No mounting board required.



credit to:

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