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Computer Modeling 2-MCC1043

Major Assignment Submission

1. Make sure your model is appealing, realistic and as accurate as possible to the real building. For 3D max file, make sure you include the texture files if you use your own bitmaps. You must ensure that your model is detailed and proportionally correct.

2. A2 Boards:
-1 board wire frame,
-1 board best realistic rendering with best camera angle,
-1 board showing front/elevation and perspective view.
Make sure your composition is good and be creative in your renderings.
Name, id and title must be printed and pasted neatly at the back bottom left of your boards.

3. Digital File (CD/DVD)
-Submit your 3d files
-10 rendered images and all texture files.
-Resolution: 640X480, min 10 jpegs
-Make sure your files are named as for example group name.max and for all other files.

4. Animation
-1 minute animation of virtual walkthrough of your scene and partially animated scene (e.g., doors open, lights on, turn on projector showcase students work etc)
-All video files are in AVI or Quicktime mov.
-Video Settings with PAL system
-Frame Size: 720X576, Frame Rate 25

5. Documentation
-A3 size. You must include all the makings and work-in-progress (sketches and renderings)
-Submit both hardcopy and softcopy (html./ pdf.)

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