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MID2093- Major Assignment

Work in a group of two, you are required to produce a mobile phone base on the selection given. The major assignment is 30% of your entire coursework.

You will use all the skills learnt to produce a prototype of your mobile phone by using plasticine, clay, foam and RP.. You need to take photographs of the models although they might be rejected and only the final approved design to be proceeding to final 3D printing. You must show detailed work-in- progress in your documentation.

Submission Requirements:

1) One plasticine model

2) One paper clay model

3) One foam model

4) One RP model (3d modeling made by Alias Studio)

5) Minimum 10 pages of report and documentation;
-cover page
-table of content
-research (reference pictures, information, specs etc)
-technical drawings,
-photos of the-making/ stage-by-stage
-3D rendered images and wire frame
-individual contributions,
-references (websites, design books, magazines etc.)

6) 3 mounting boards:
i.one board 3D rendered still image with best composition
ii.one board line-up of all your models arranged inline
(take photo with your SLR camera)
iii.one shot of all models with your own composition.(Product Shot)

7) CD digitised of your sketchbook (.jpg file),3D file and STL file

Marking criteria: Total: 30%

1) Documentation (5%)

2) Final outputs (plasticine, clay, foam and RP) (20%)
i. Quality of constructions(smooth, rough, etc)
ii. Creativity (colours, materials and textures applied)
iii. Strength, rigidity and supports

3) Formats (3D files, rendering outputs, 3 boards) 5%

Important reminders:

2) To avoid crowd and problems in printing, students have to make own arrangement and book own session to use the Z-Corp machine to print their final outputs outside class hours. Please email Ms June at sjjong@mmu.edu.my or Mr Asyraf at asyraf.pauzi@mmu.edu.my to make reservation for the usage of the Z-Corp and lab prior before Week 8. Your booked session will be published on the Z-Corp lab.

Submission Date: 17 Dec 2009, Thursday
ID lab 1006, by 4.00p.m


Choose 1 out of these 4 model

Nokia N81

HTC Touch Dual

Samsung Ultratouch

Sony Ericson C905

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