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MID1113: Assignment 2

Assignment 2: 2 Point Perspective drawing

You are to apply the knowledge and skills learn in this class. This project is to emphasize on the quality of line, perspective trajectory and cleanliness of work.

1. Choose 2 place that can show the 2 point perspective view;
-1 interior
-1 exterior

2. Take a picture and print it in A4 size (colour or black and white)

3. The drawings have to cover almost entire A3 paper.

4. Black pen in drawing line usage is a must. Only construction line can be made by pencils.

5. Paste the drawing on A2 size of mounting board.

6. Clip the original pictures on top of the board.

7. At the back of board, paste :
Id :
Subject: Design Process for Interface Design
Subject Code : MID 1113
Assignment: 2 Point Perspective (Interior/exterior)
Date Submit: 23 Feb 2009

8. Submission : Monday,23 Feb 2009,9.00am

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  1. Reynaldi, Dania and Amanda
    February 17, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Sir, about the picture, we have to take picture by using camera or we can also take picture from website? and also we wanna ask about assignment 2, how to make full page two point perspective point drawing? because the vanishing point should be outside of the page,so how come we make the drawing to be full page? thank you.

    (Reynaldi, Dania and Amanda)

  2. mrgbum
    February 17, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    1-you have to take your own picture.

    2-yes,the vanishing point is out of the paper.I will post a new posting on how to draw if the vanishing point in a minute.

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